Digital marketing strategy and seo for businesses


Your customers are in your location
 Your SEO agency doesn't have to be

We can develop your business's web presence, online content, and connection with customers, whether you live in the Greater Toronto Region (GTA) or elsewhere. We will bring our work to you to make sure your business can grow. 

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Customers are searching for services just like yours. You can help make sure they find your business!

Can we provide SEO services to your business's location?

One of the greatest assets a digital marketing agency can bring to your business is its flexibility. 

We don't need to be next door to help you reach your market, whether that's a neighbourhood, a city, or a region.

Local SEO involves researching the most effective ways to connect a business with the market where it can provide the most value, which the business owner knows best of all. 

When somebody looks up your service, they will usually find a location-specific result, especially for businesses listed with and optimized for Google. Your web presence, therefore, needs to be tailored for the local results you want your clients to find.


While we are located in the GTA (in Hamilton), we understand how to make your website work for you in your region. Because at True Marketing, we build web presence, and we can do that from anywhere, for anywhere, so that you can get results right where you are.