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About Us

A Hands-Free Marketing Experience 

Helping businesses who want to market but don't have the time. 

Web Design for businesses is our specialty

Running a business is insanely complicated, and marketing your business is even more work.


Why not put a website to work for you?


With a slick, professional-looking website, you can get busy doing business—because customers can find you online.

You don't need to figure out digital marketing on your own.

Imagine if you could get more leads or customers without having to take your main focus off of the real core of your business.

That's having a website is​​ all about: making sure your customers can find you when they look up your services online.

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Digital marketing takes up-front work. An agency can help you manage your time better by taking care of the details so you can get on with business.

Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Website Design, Lead Generation

Our digital marketing philosophy and mission

A business thrives when it creates the most value possible, for the right people, at the right time. 

At True Marketing we adopt this philosophy when we create your digital marketing strategy.

  • You don't have a lot of time: We offer a hands-free digital marketing experience

  • You want to grow your business: We're here to help you make it happen

  • You need results, not gimmicks: We don’t waste time on things that don’t work

  • You want to know what we’re doing: We send you regular reports with plain English and coloured graphs

  • You need a long-term solution: Our content-focused websites deliver results long after your site first goes live

Our philosophy is to create value for your business, so you can reach the right people, at the right time, and our mission is to grow your business through providing web design and SEO services at a cost that makes sense for small businesses.

A bit about our story

A well-known fact about digital marketing and website design is that people get scammed all the time. They get locked into long-term contracts based on great sales pitches, and they end up paying for an expensive contract, not for performance.

If your business isn't growing proportionate to your marketing budget, you need a new marketing strategy. 


I got into this business because I found too many people, some of them close to home, who were getting ripped off by big-name agencies who under-delivered and worse.


I found questionable practices taking place. There were spam links hidden in the footers of people’s websites (or sometimes right out in the open!). I found websites being farmed out for backlinks to funnel authority to the agency’s site even though it ultimately cost the client hard-earned dollars.

Spam links disguised in the footer of a small business owner's website

They're a bit hard to see, but there are spam links hidden at the bottom of this business owner's website. They're not even very well hidden at that!

I set out to build a digital marketing agency that was authentic, and puts the client first. ​

I found that many clients simply want a hands-free experience.

In other words, it would be great to have someone take care of all website-related details for you, and you would be willing to pay a small fee for those services. 

We wanted to serve our clients even better, so we moved to a "leasing" model for web design

What this means for you is that you can get a top-notch website from us for no up-front cost.

We charge a low monthly fee to maintain the website (depending on how big or complex the site is that your business requires), keeping it running in the background and fixing any software problems that arise.

What we offer is a hands-free marketing tool for businesses.


I’m convinced that helping businesses to succeed is one of the best ways to transform the lives of my neighbours—both the ones I see and those I don't—so I created True Marketing to focus on SEO and web design services, because these things can seriously grow local businesses.

we are serious about
helping local businesses grow

Just keep reading to see the major steps you can take to start growing your business online right now. We want you to have an actionable roadmap to doing this successfully, so give us a call at any time with questions. 

How to grow your business online

There are three major things to drive more leads to your business. You can and should start doing some of these things today, since digital marketing is all about playing the long game. Steps you take today will bring in customers in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Establish your online presence locally so when customers search they can find you
  • Presence means a professional and effective website that converts visitors

  • Presence means essential directory listings online (think Yellow Pages for the internet, and multiply that by 40 or 80 times)

  • And presence means effective and consistent online branding


Create valuable content on your website to rank your site higher on Google search, to ultimately drive more traffic to your site (whether or not you use paid ads).

  • ​Value means on-page copywriting by a professional and published writer

  • Value means establishing your brand as an authority by regular blogging and information creation so people get answers to their questions from you

  • Value means multimedia content (think information-packed articles, YouTube videos, and highly shareable infographics)


We connect with your customers through on-page and off-page SEO, organic and paid traffic, and email marketing
  • Connection means customers come to you because they can find you online

  • Connection means remonetizing past customers

  • Connection means reaching out to a bigger audience than ever before to tap into new local and regional markets


Want to get started?

Digital marketing is not an all-or-nothing tool to grow your business. Every little bit helps.

If you want to start small and find a few more leads month-by-month, or if you want to take things to another level entirely and grow your business bigger than ever before, we can help you create a marketing strategy that’s right for your business and your market. 

If you're a small local business, there are a number of local SEO steps you can take to make an impact right now on your website. These small steps now can mean a big difference in the number of customers who can find you 6 weeks, months, or even years down the road.

Hit the button below and let’s determine the next steps for your business's digital marketing journey.