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Free SEO Report Template


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Free SEO Report Template

Free SEO Report Template

Send automated reports to your SEO clients using Google Data Studio. 

True Marketing's report template makes it easy. 

Last updated: June 22, 2020

Why should I send automated reports to my SEO clients?

When you work with website or SEO clients, communication is everything. 

So don't leave your client with radio silence. 

At the same time, we're all busy. You shouldn't bother your clients, just be available when they have questions, and keep them informed periodically.

That's where the automated marketing report comes in. An automated report is the perfect way to keep in touch with clients, keep them informed, and at the same time save both them and you time.

When you send an automated report, it's a simple, hands-off process for you.

The report goes out automatically.

This is also a major benefit for your client, because they will usually not have time to even look at this report. But when their website's analytics cross their mind, they will know exactly where to look, because they see your report pop up in their inbox every month like clockwork. 

Once a month is a good frequency, though some people would like to see weekly updates, and some will want less than that.

How do I send automated reports to my digital marketing clients?

When it comes to sending automated reports, there are two important things you need:

  1. A free tool
  2. A simple layout

Free Tools Just Make Sense

You need a free tool to send automated reports because you are trying to run a business, and you can't do that if you're not producing more value than you're consuming.

A free tool is an easy way to produce value for your clients while not consuming financial resources.

This free template uses three free tools, all created by Google.

1. Google Data Studio

2. Google Analytics

3. Google Search Console

A Simple Layout Makes for Clearer Communication

You need a simple layout for your tool because it is far too easy to overcomplicate things. 

True Marketing uses a very simple SEO report, which has four parts:

1. How are people finding your site?

You want to know how people find your site, whether through organic search (e.g. Google or Duck Duck Go), directly typing it into their browser, social media links (like your Facebook or Instagram accounts), or through referral (clicking a link on some other website besides social sites).

This information it important so you can double down on what is working well, and rethink your strategies for channels that are not performing well.

2. What pages are people viewing?

It's good to know what pages people look at on your site so you can recognize what is working well, and figure out ways to generate leads, control traffic, or monetize those page views in some other way. 

3. What cities are your website visitors from?

The geographical location of your customers is very important whether you're a local brick-and-mortar business or a national information source.

Location is especially useful information to have when it comes time for you to advertise.

You will want to run ads in areas that get the most interest, so you can get the most engagement from your hard-earned ad spend.

4. What keywords did people search for to find your site?

The keyword report is in some ways the heart of the SEO report. Keywords tell you what search engines (primarily Google) think your site is about.

If you know anything about SEO, then this part of the report is a no-brainer to you. 

Having this piece of key information laid out simply in a report for clients helps it become a no-brainer for them too, and this helps you better demonstrate where there website works and where it needs work. 

Where can I find a free SEO report template for digital marketing agencies?

There are loads of paid tools out there, but in my opinion these simply cannot compete with a free tool. 

Not only is our template free (it uses Google Data Studio), it is 100% customizable. We've set it up for you so that you can add your logo, tweak the colours, and then plug in your client's analytics and search console data.

What could be better?

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